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Free Online Bill Payment

Fieldbridge Associates LLC. is now a recognized online bill payee. If you have a checking account and have created an online account with your bank, you can pay your Rent, Air Conditioning, and Parking through your banks website for free.


Each bank is a little different, but the general instructions are as follows:


Log in to your banks website or mobile app


Go to Pay Bills > Select Manage Payees > Select add a payee


Enter Payee Information as follows:
Name: Fieldbridge Associates LLC.
Address: 1720 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn N.Y. 11225
Phone Number: 718-756-2400
Account Number: [See below]


You will need to add a new payee for each account, so if you want to pay Rent,
Air Conditioning, and Parking online, you will add 3 new payees.


By each you will put in a different account number.


For Rent:
Account number: Your Building # – Your Apartment
Example: 11-2A, 47-2A, 1680-2A, 1700-2A, 1720-2A, 220-2A, 77-2A


For Air Conditioning:
Account number: AC[Building #] – Apartment
Example: AC11-2A, AC47-2A, AC1680-2A, AC1700-2A, AC1720-2A,
AC220-2A, AC77-2A


For Parking:
Account number: Parking lot – Spot #
Example: 11 Parking -100, 47 Parking-100, 77A Parking-100,
77B Parking-100, 1700 Parking-100, Corner-100, Indoor-100


Once you set it up once, you can do a one time payment, or you can set up recurring payments so you do not need to log into your bank each month.


If you need assistance setting this up, please reach out to the management office.


Thank you

Pay Direct